Who wants a Happily Ever After for Valentine’s Day?

What would you say if I could guarantee you a Happily Ever After for Valentine’s Day? (You’d say YES! Right? Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? ;-)

Happily Ever After, releasing on February 14, 2016, is the first book in my new series of stand-alone contemporary romances and is up for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes at the special pre-order price of only $0.99. (It won’t stay that price after release!)

For wedding planner Everly Vaughn, her best friend’s high-profile Caribbean wedding could be her big break. The good news? She’s starting her own business. The bad news? Well…

One client.
The wedding of the season.
Twelve days to pull it off.
No staff.
A bride who’s been engaged four times but never makes it down the aisle.
And the bride’s brother who she’s trying desperately to resist…to no avail.

What could possibly go wrong? (Seriously? Absolutely everything.)


Pre-Order for only $0.99 Now!


In case you missed it, just a friendly reminder that Happily Ever Now, the prequel novella, is available NOW for FREE at:
Barnes & Noble and Nook UK

Happy reading!


Happily Ever Now (FREE prequel novella) available now!

HEN smallHappy Wednesday, my lovelies!

Happily Ever Now is FREE and available (almost) everywhere! (Still waiting on Barnes & Noble, but it should be there soon.)

This short novella is a prequel to the stand-alone novel Happily Ever After (releasing Valentine’s Day…because what better day is there for a Happily Ever After?). <3

Check it out:

Wedding planner Everly Vaughn has three rules for a Happily Ever After:
1. Find a nice guy.
2. Make sure he passes the BFF test.
3. Never—no matter how much you like him—engage the Player (aka Austin, your best friend’s brother).


What happens if you don’t follow them? A Happily Ever Now. (Those don’t last.)


Too bad Ever doesn’t follow her own rules.



Coming soon to Barnes & Noble!

Happy reading!




Happily Ever After Series Starting Soon!

Happily Ever After by Jen MeyersI know we’re neck deep in this delightful holiday season, but I’m already looking ahead to the new year because I will be launching a new series of standalone companion novels about a group of six twenty-something friends—my Happily Ever After series.

And I couldn’t be more excited about it. I mean, LOOK! ————>

I’ve been writing like mad this fall to bring these fun and fabulous characters to life, and I’m loving every minute I spend with them. I can’t wait to introduce them to you—I’m hoping you’ll love them as much as I do. (I mean, you have to. Have I ever led you wrong before?)

The first book, Happily Ever After, focuses on Everly Vaughn, wedding planner and general neurotic, who falls for her best friend’s brother, Austin Noble, no matter how hard she tries not to. A free prequel novella entitled Happily Ever Now will be releasing at the same time, with a little more backstory on Ever and Austin’s relationship.

Happily Ever Now by Jen MeyersAt the beginning of January, I’ll be rounding up early reviewers. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a free pre-release ARC (advanced reader’s copy) of both the novella and the book to read and review, please feel free to email me now at jen (at) jmeyersbooks (dot) com to let me know. I’ll put you on the reviewer list! If you’re on my mailing list, I’ll be sending out a request closer to when I’m looking for reviewers. (If you’re not on the mailing list, you can sign up here so you don’t miss out on anything!)

I am SO looking forward to sharing these books about these strong, smart, and sexy women (and the men they love) with you in 2016. It’s going to be a year FILLED with love.

But in the meantime, I wish you and yours a very happy holiday season.




Postcards from Maine

At the end of September, we went to Maine, one of my favorite places on earth because I have a thing for oceans (and lakes, and rivers, and, okay, YES…water in general). It was the first time the kids saw the ocean, and if their shouts of “This is soooooo AWESOME!” as they ran across the sand to put their feet in it for the first time are any indication, they were appropriately impressed. ;-)


The kids build sandcastles, drew in the sand with their toes, and proved over and over that it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE to walk down the beach without getting your pants/shorts/skirt thoroughly soaked no matter how high you hike them up.

DSCF1188   DSCF1206

DSCF1210   DSCF1226


The kids went swimming (because they are INSANE—it was September. In Maine. Clearly they are impervious to cold, growing up in the Northeast), and tried to build fortresses that the incoming tide could not breach. They LOVED jumping over the waves as they crashed onto the sand. We were there for hours at a time.  Best. Thing. Ever.

DSCF1305   DSCF1317


They’re in the ocean, meanwhile I’m in long sleeves and a sweater…

We found the worlds TINIEST crab, an adorable little sea urchin (which was HUGE in comparison), and so many itsy-bitsy hermit crabs (that totally could have taken on the crab–it was crazy small, I couldn’t even tell it was a crab).

DSCF1279   DSCF1290


I fell in love with the rocks on the beach.

DSCF1187   DSCF1186


Seriously…how can you not fall in love with rocks that look like THIS?

We had a magnificent visit. Almost all our time was spent at the ocean (because, I mean…THE OCEAN, I’m just saying), and we have all decided that we must move there.

Or at least go visit on a regular basis. :-)


Backlist Sale: Anywhere & Silver Heart

Anywhere by Jen MeyersIn preparation for our upcoming new series of standalone novels*, Victoria Green and I are putting our other standalones on sale! Today through October 22, Anywhere and Silver Heart are both on sale for only 99c. How sweet is THAT?!

My sweet and sexy romance Anywhere is the book of my heart, you guys. The story follows Skye and Asher, who meet by chance at a train station in Paris while backpacking through Europe. Set in exotic locales, it’s a gentle love story about two people who are very clearly meant to be. I love these characters SO much, and their story STILL makes my heart swell. (I’m working on companion books to Anywhere because I love it so much. <3)

Anywhere is available only at Amazon (snag a free Kindle app here if you need it).


Silver Heart by Victoria Green

And Victoria’s steamy, new adult romance Silver Heart, which takes place on the ski slopes of Whistler, is one of my FAVORITE romances. She has created this sweeping love story that will have you believing in true love (as if you don’t already…but I’m just saying).

Silver Heart is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and Google Play.


If you haven’t picked up Anywhere or Silver Heart,
get ye to ye olde online bookshoppe soon!


Have a great weekend, everyone, and happy reading!


*More info about our upcoming releases SOON! Cover releases, giveaways, graphics…ALL the fun stuffs of a new release. :-)



A Weekend Full of Wonder

This was how mine started out:


In mid-September, my kids found two monarch caterpillars and we were THRILLED because we hadn’t found any for the past couple of years, and rarely had seen a monarch butterfly in that time also. (ALL the sad faces.) So we happily took in these two caterpillars and set them up in a sweet little habitat so we could protect them (the milkweed they were on was on the side of our road…and is regularly mowed down by the town, grrrr) and watch the miracle of their transformation.

But we were going to Maine and Vermont, and feared we’d miss it. In fact we knew we would once they transformed into chrysalides, so we sadly took them over to our neighbor so she could release them while we were gone. But to our utter surprise and delight (and concern, because we thought perhaps something had gone wrong and they’d died) they waited for us! So last Thursday evening and Friday, the two emerged as these GORGEOUS creatures.


See that smile? Seriously, what could be better than holding a butterfly?

Unfortunately, they emerged on a day of hard rain, and we knew Saturday was going to be too cold for them to fly. So we needed to figure out how to make sure they got some food. So on Friday, 13yo went to ask our neighbor if we could cut some of her end-of-season flowers (since we have none), and he came back with news that a monarch expert would come visit us the next morning.

And she was fantastic. She taught the kids how to feed the butterflies with a syringe of sugar water.

DSCF1551  DSCF1555

We learned how to hold them safely. This guy was HUNGRY. He drained the entire end of the syringe, and was happy to hold onto it himself.


You can see his proboscis–the circle of black where a mouth would be.

She also showed us how to tag the butterflies for Monarch Watch.


Pretty much a perfect way to start our weekend.


And then a beautiful way to end it…by saying goodbye on a beautiful, warm, sunny, fall day. :-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, too!





Cover Reveal: Harrowed by Jolene Haley & Brian LeTendre

My sweet friend Jolene Haley has a book coming out this month, co-authored with Brian LeTendre, and I’m so excited to read this, you guys, I can barely stand it. It’s their debut YA horror Harrowed. Check out the synopsis—it sounds SO good:

Journalism Rule #1: Always report the story. Never become the story.


Avery Blair has accepted the fact that nothing exciting ever happens in her small town of Woodsview, Massachusetts. As the editor of the high school blog, she prays for something–anything–to come along that would make for a great headline.


When Beatrice Thompson’s body is found in the girls’ bathroom, Avery has her biggest story ever. The rumors circulating the school say that Beatrice took her own life, but Avery doesn’t believe it for a second. Her instincts prove true when the next day brings another body bag. The tiny community of Woodsview has become the hunting ground for a killer known as the Harvester. The killer targets Avery and her classmates, stalking their every move and terrorizing them with morbid messages.


With the help of her boyfriend Jason, her best friend Quinn, and an aging detective who can’t keep her off the case, Avery dives head-first into her own investigation. She discovers that the secret of the Woodsview Harvester is buried in the town’s history and its annual Harvest Festival celebration. With every clue she uncovers, Avery grows closer to unmasking the killer–and becoming the next victim.


Avery Blair has finally found a story to die for…if she can stay alive long enough to write it.

And, you guys, the cover is gorgeous:



Coming September 22, 2015

Add it to your Goodreads!

You want to read it now, right? Me, too. (And I’m not even a horror fan.) (Well, except I ADORE my friend Suz’s horror short stories…so maybe I *am* a bit of a horror fan.) Gah! Can’t wait!

Want to WIN an e-copy (or a Halloween prize pack or a box of books/ARCs from ALA)  in Jolene and Brian’s EPIC giveaway? Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What a wonderful way to start out a week, right? Hope yours is great, everyone!




What I’m Working On (And Not)

anywhereWorking On:

1. A new contemporary romance series of standalone novels that will include Anywhere. I never intended to create a series when I wrote Anywhere, but I’ve since come up with a group of college friends that Skye and her best friend Paige hang out with. I’m currently working on Paige’s book, which will chronologically take place before Anywhere, and it introduces all the characters that future books will focus on. The series is going to include The Book I Wasn’t Ready To Write a year and a half ago, as well as the one I started writing in its place on the Retreat of Awesome (which I then put aside to write the Untamed series with Victoria).

It’s been quite an undertaking to figure out timelines and general story lines ahead of time so I can plant the seeds in this first book of Paige’s. And I’m setting it in a fictional town on the coast of Massachusetts, so that’s another level of detail I haven’t needed to attend to in a contemporary novel before because I’ve previously set my books in real places. But I’m having fun with it, and can’t wait to share these books with you.

Paige’s book is called Love Changes Everything (because love really DOES change everything). That’s also going to be the series name. At this point, I’m thinking there will be 7-8 books in the series. (I have some serious work to do, my friends!)

2. The romantic-comedy series of standalone books co-authored with Victoria Green I told you about way back in April. We’d hoped to get the first two books out earlier in the year, but things got delayed. So we’re shooting for a release this fall for our wedding planner book, Happily Ever Now, and her column-writing friend’s book Yours Truly. These are funny and sexy books, and we are so excited to get them out into the world soon!

intangibleWhat I’m (Sadly) Not:

Remember when I announced with great delight that I was FINALLY going to write the next book in the Intangible series? Yeah. Well…cue red-faced me right about now. I was all excited about it and set up some promos to garner attention for the first two books, try to get new readers into the series while I was writing…but the sales just weren’t there. My feeling is the YA trends have swayed away from paranormal at the moment (I’m pretty sure what’s selling best is contemporary, thanks in great part to John Green), and if I’m not able to drum up interest and sales because people aren’t reading as much fantasy right now, I simply can’t justify spending several months to a year writing a book that hardly anyone will buy.

So, I’m not writing the third Intangible book right now.

I know. I know. I’m so sorry. I feel awful because I know there are those of you who love the series and are dying to find out what happens next. I HATE disappointing you guys, and I don’t want to leave you hanging. When trends swing back toward fantasy and I have the sales to justify the work, I will jump back into that world PRONTO. *I’m* disappointed, too. I’d really wanted to live in that world again, but I have to make the best business decisions for my career.


I’ve got tons of ideas floating through my mind about all kinds of stories I want to write (I want to do some YA contemporary soon!), and am taking notes, letting ideas simmer to see what fills out and rises to the top. So much I want to do—I just wish I wrote faster. :-)

I hope you all are finding lots of great reads, and wish you a bookishly good weekend ahead.



Untamed Series 99c sale

Just for this week, Victoria and I are holding a 99c sale on the entire Untamed Series, which means you can get all 5 books for under $4 (because book 1 is free!).

Untamed 99c sale

If you’ve read and loved the series, please help us spread the word! Feel free to nick the graphic above and share it wide and far. Help more people discover Ree and Dare’s epic love story.

Hope your summer is sizzling in the best possible ways. :-)